Music has often been described as "The Language of Angels". The harmonies of The Spheres. The sound that makes matter, and raises souls.

From the west coast of Hawaii's Big Island comes a new expression of this music. Kristin Aria and Irminsul bring together celtic harps, drum and electronics to birth a new color of consciousness raising sound they call ASCENSION MUSIC. Weaving together a novel approach to composition and performance, with an open hearted awareness to the spirit potential of us all as golden souls, ANELA STRINGS has created a new dialect of The Angels' Language.

“Anela music is worthy of a quantum world where angels surf its harrowing and bright patches, dancing on universal breezes, ...All encompassing as it is to reconnect with the field of human and planetary ecology, it’s more significantly a view of ourselves as whole, a Holy thing, and you don’t even have to believe it. Just listen to the music.”

Marya Mann
KeOla Magazine, 2012


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